Beyond the Chainlink


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“I’ve seldom read a book so attuned to the abysmal profundity of the inchoate world, so sure we live in what we cannot fully describe, so sensible of the definitions as they diminish, but who also knows, that infinite darkness is lit by the smallest presences, and that abyss’s fearful scale is balanced by nothing more than a sparrow landing on a branch. These poems, and this poet, leave me thankful for visions of such difficult grace.”

—Dan Beachy-Quick

“The day is a unit of attention that is given to representation. The received, already fixed sequence of things (paintings, taxis, bodies), the time of living and ending, can curve to reflect on itself, and that is what these tender, profoundly inquisitive poems of Rusty Morrison’s perform. How do we continue to choose, speak and interpret given the weight of the end fact? Silence in Morrison’s new work is transformed from an absence to a concept, a potential translator of temporal givens; she tends silence’s conscious work with a measure and a subtle ear. A moral generosity is inaugurated.”

—Lisa Robertson

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